80 countries targeted by EU humanitarian aid in 2020

20 janvier 2020

Chapeau : 80 countries targeted by EU humanitarian aid in 2020

Schéma de financement : 2020-01-20

Programme 2014 2020 : Oui

Amorce :

Today the European Commission voted the annual budget of 900 million euro for 2020, maintaining EU’s status as the world’s largest provider of humanitarian aid.

Texte :

400 million euro will be spent on programmes in Africa, where they will support people affected by the long-running conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, people suffering from the food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel, as well as people displaced by violence in Southern Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Lake Chad Basin. In the Middle East, 345 million euro of EU funds will be used to tackle the crisis in Syria and to assist refugees in neighbouring countries, as well as to address the extremely critical situation in Yemen.

In Asia and Latin America, EU aid worth 111 million euro will continue to support the most vulnerable populations affected by the crisis in Venezuela, as well as refugees in neighbouring countries. The European Union will also continue to provide assistance to Asian countries such as Afghanistan, which has been at war for almost forty years, as well as Myanmar and Bangladesh, both of which host Rohingya populations.

Url description : European Commission - Press release

Url : https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/fr/IP_20_67