BEI : 196 millions par la UniCredit Bank

18 décembre 2014

Chapeau : BEI : 196 millions par la UniCredit Bank

Schéma de financement : 2014-12-18

Programme 2014 2020 : Oui

Amorce :

UniCredit Bank émet 196 millions d’euros de la BEI pour les obligations sécurisées.

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) closed on 15 December 2014 the purchase of a EUR 196 million covered bond issued by UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s (UniCredit Bank CZ&SK). The bond forms part of UniCredit Bank CZ&SK’s EUR 5 billion international covered bond programme, which was launched last year. This first international bond has an issue size of EUR 800 million and an annual nominal coupon of 1.875%, with bullet maturity in December 2018. The EIB is the first investor to purchase the UniCredit Bank CZ&SK covered bond under this international programme; other investors are expected to join in 2015, when other covered bond transactions may follow.

This is the first time that the EIB has purchased a covered bond in the Czech Republic. The objective for the EIB behind this transaction is twofold:
– To increase its support to the Czech and Slovak SME sector – the EIB purchased the bond as loan substitute, which means that UniCredit Bank CZ&SK will use the proceeds of the sale to expand its medium/long-term funding to SMEs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on attractive terms
– To support the emerging Czech covered bond market – the EIB sees high potential in this bond market, which in the current market and regulatory environment constitutes an attractive alternative for channelling EIB funding to investment projects.

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