Health: The European Union Invests in world-class research center for children in Croatia

17 septembre 2019

Schéma de financement : 2019-09-17

Programme 2014 2020 : Oui

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More than 48 million euro from the European Regional Development Fund was invested to extend the Children’s Hospital in Srebrnjak, on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. 

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The project involves the construction of a 15,000-m2 facility and the purchase of research and medical equipment, in order to transform the hospital into a clinical research centre where new medicines can be developed and used. Once completed in February 2022, the hospital will focus on treating common and chronic diseases in children and adolescents. Commissioner for Health & Food Safety 

The aim of the project is also to retain talented medical researchers and practitioners in Croatia, with an expected increase in hospital staff by 67%. The centre’s work will cover medical fields such as asthma, allergies, rheumatology, cardiology, paediatric surgery, sports medicine, rehabilitation and clinical trials. Finally, the new facility will have an eco-friendly design, with reduced waste and water consumption. 

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